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Expert Kinesiology in Hamilton

At the Physio In Motion Therapy Centre in Hamilton we use a team approach to your rehabilitation.  After all, two or more health care professionals are better than one.  A key professional rounding out our health care team is registered kinesiologist Samantha Tonan.  Samantha works extensively with physiotherapy, chiropractic and pelvic health patients to provide exercise instruction, support and guidance. When your prescribed exercise program is monitored and progressed by an expert you can expect to have better results. Including a kinesiologist in your treatment team just makes great sense and Samantha makes exercise a lot more fun.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the science and study of human movement.  Kinesiologists are university trained and regulated health care professionls.  They use their knowledge of biomechanics, anatomym physiology and psychomotor behaviour to help their patients enhance their quality of life.  Registered Kinesiologists are exercise experts and they will use the powerful modality of exercise in the prevention and management of disease and injury and in the promotion of good health and performance.

Are Kinesiologists Regulated?

Yes!  Kinesiologists are licensed health care professionals in Ontario.  They are regulated by The College of Kinesiologists of Ontario.  The College ensures that standards of practice are met and provides recourse to the public in the event of a complaint against a licensed kinesiologist.

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