Orthotics in Hamilton

When you need orthotics in Central and East Hamilton the Physio In Motion Therapy Centre therapists would be pleased to help you.  We will take the time to assess you and find out what exactly is causing your foot (or related) pain.  If orthotics are indicated Physio In Motion Therapy Centre can provide you with a high quality orthotic made from the best available materials.  We guarantee the quality of workmanship in our orthotics and we’re never satisfied until you are.

What are Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are a medical device that aligns the ankle and foot into an anatomically efficient position.  Orthotics look very similar to the insoles that come in your footwear but they are custom manufactured just for you.  Starting with an impression or three dimensional laser scan a full sized plaster model of your foot is made.  The rigid plastic shell of the custom orthotic is shaped over the plaster cast into a device that is both comfortable and encourages optimal alignment of the foot and ankle throughout the gait cycle.  When completed, the custom orthotic slips as easily into your footwear as the standard footbed that it is replacing.

Who Needs Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are a nice addition to any pair of shoes.  Being made just for you orthotics are almost always more comfortable than the standard foot bed that came with your shoes.  Unfortunately most insurers will not cover orthotics purely for increased comfort and will require you to have a diagnosed condition or poor foot mechanics before they will consider funding orthotics.

How to Get Your Own Orthotics

Most extended health insurance companies will cover all or a portion of your orthotics.  You will require a prescription from a physician (some plans will accept a prescription from a chiropractor or chiropodist) that includes a specific diagnosis.  Foot pain is not acceptable as a diagnosis.  Once you have a prescription contact Physio In Motion to schedule a no charge orthotic assessment.  At the time of your assessment we will call your extended health insurer with you to enquire about coverage.  In most cases the Physio In Motion Therapy Centre is able to invoice your insurer directly and save you the out of pocket expense.

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