Knee Braces in Hamilton

Physio In Motion is your Central and East Hamilton destination for off the shelf and custom knee braces from the leading manufactures.  If your family doctor or surgeon has recommended a knee brace or if you’re in pain and wondering if a brace might help, scheduling a consultation with Physio In Motion is a great first step.  All bracing consultations and brace related follow-up visits are provided at no charge.  We want you take the time to consider your options before deciding on a brace and then to come back if you need adjustments, service, or replacement parts.  Our goal is your 100% satisfaction with your brace.

What  Knee Brace Do I Need?

Your injuries or chronic condition will dictate the type of brace that best meets your needs.  In some cases a variety of brace types and styles might work for you.  The two main categories of knee braces are rigid knee braces and soft or sleeve style knee braces.  Both rigid knee braces and soft or sleeve knee braces are available in both custom and off-the-shelf sizing to accommodate almost everyone.  Each category of knee brace can be further divided into the number and type of hinges, materials, etc.  A Physio In Motion bracing specialist will cover the range of options available to you and identify the pros and cons of each option.

Knee Braces for Osteoarthritis (OA)

For our patients with unicompartmental OA of the knee (this means the cartilage damaged is limited to either the medial or lateral part of the knee) we will typically recommend an unloading knee brace such as the Unloader One from Ossur.  Most people with Osteoarthritis of the knee will experience an immediate reduction in pain and the use of pain medications with the use of the Unloader One.  Depending on the severity of symptoms and size of the patient there are a variety of other knee braces for arthritis available.

Knee Braces for Sports Injuries

Knee injuries including ligament and cartilage injuries are a part of sport.  Thankfully there are a variety of ligament knee braces to help you recover and prevent further injury.  Your individual injuries, recent surgery if applicable, and goals will determine the best brace for you.  A Physio In Motion bracing expert will assess the level of joint instability and review any available imaging reports and your physician’s recommendations before suggesting the most appropriate brace(s) for you.

Insurance Coverage for Knee Braces

  1. Extended Health Insurance:  In our experience almost every extended health insurance plan provides coverage for bracing including knee braces and the coverage tends to be very good; often significantly better than coverage for physiotherapy, massage or chiropractic care.  When you attend Physio In Motion for an initial bracing consultation we will contact your extended health insurer with you to enquire about coverage BEFORE you order a brace.  In many cases we will submit an estimate in writing to your extended health insurer on your behalf BEFORE the brace is ordered.  They last thing we want is to give you an unexpected bill along with your new knee brace.
  2. WSIB:  The WSIB approves knee (and other) braces on a case by case basis.  Most work related injuries tend to be minor in nature and bracing is not required.  However, when a brace is indicated Physio In Motion has been quite successful in obtaining funding for the worked from the WSIB.
  3. Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance:  As long as the requested brace is medically necessary Motor Vehicle Insurers are generally quick to approve funding requests from Physio In Motion for knee braces.

Other Braces

While knees are the most common joint requiring bracing for our patients, Physio In Motion does also provide bracing solutions for the ankles, wrists, shoulders, elbows, neck and back.

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